“Ll-iivelyy they say,..” sang a twenty year old.

“Warble start from the top we did not pick that up.” said the man beside the equaliser.

“Sir the equipment is down.” Warble said as she tapped the microphone twice.

The man sent someone to check it and found out that there were some technical glitches.

“It is not going to record. At least not today” reported the man.

It was a day off for Warble now. She was told that an admirer had been sending fan mails to her since the last song to the studio. She picked those up and reached home.

Her owned things were lying outside the apartment and her guitar and keyboard were badly handled. They were lying beneath all her stuff. A notice was put up on her door that the committee decided that she truly is a noisy singer. She was homeless in just a moment of discussion.

She tried explaining herself and that she wants rather needs a place to stay for just that day. She explained that her latest song could not be recorded and that she needs to reach early tomorrow because the studio is giving her only one more chance to get it recorded due to the glitch. Only once more although they will take extra charges.

The committee shook their head and helped park her things beside a bench. She sold most of the things to get money and all she was left with were her music instruments and a few raggedy clothes. She looked at the envelope of the fan mail when someone asked whether it was at the sale too. It was clean rather covered for lasting long. The address were written on top of the plastic so she would have almost said yes to selling it when she saw her childhood photo inside.

Dear Warble,

How are you? I reckon that you remember that photo and the person beside. It was a rather stormy day when we clicked it and also the day we vowed to accomplish our bucket list. Seems like you already did. I am still a struggling actor and as you may have seen on the news I could not keep the vow. Rather I found an easy way to do so. I auditioned for theatre troop and I got lucky. We have been rehearsing and the show is to be put up next month’s third Wednesday.

Meanwhile you hit right on the jackpot. The studio you have been contacted by never accepts to record new singers. You are one of the unpolished diamonds they choose to polish. Most of those many diamonds they chose include your top 3 singers. Yes search them.

You kept the vow. The song you recorded is very well based on me and the one you were going to record. I just pulled one of the sting to stop you from recording because it was not yet time to record that song. It is “Chu” right? The song made me realise why we made that vow after all. None of the best friends stay best friends forever. But we should have and could have or rather would have if I would have not been such an easy quitter. You add feelings to any song you sing. You love singing that is why I like you. Maybe it is too late to even say that because all it will do is leave a grudge.

Grudges. This is the reason why I decided to buy your song-video. You have reached enormous heights for an introvert. So I am sorry that I did not.

“Why are you saying so? What happened?” wondered Warble. The weather was turning grey and winds were blowing up scrapes from everywhere. A piece of newspaper sat on her feet which she felt too warm perhaps as someone was sending love. The warmth was soothing her feet and she could not fight her impulse of letting it stay there because it felt too homey. But then she realised that she does not have a place she can call home. Anywhere. Neither now nor even then. Another gust of wind blew almost blowing away the newspaper when she caught it. She folded the paper when she saw a familiar face on the last page.

“Another struggling actor gives up. Is the way they cope away evil or our viewpoint towards them evil?” the headline read.

The next day another headline published-

“A singer leaves her music instrument and an unsung ten liner song for her deceased friend who died the day before”

In the last line both of the articles read “Certainly the way they coped is evil.”


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