Easter Egg

I sit in the couch in front of the television putting down sandwiches and my favourite orange flavoured aerated drink on the table in the middle. By the time the fizz settles down I had already pressed the “play” button and was watching a DVD named “Holidays”. The rating described it as the second-best horror movie of all time. Contradictory to the reviews and ratings I find the movie just above average. I let the movie play and switch on table lamp beside the couch and draw some sketches for my comic I was about to work on soon. The volume range of the movie was low thus it did not disturb me.

Suddenly T.V. Static noise pierced my ears and I struggled to lower the volume. “That’s weird. This is not an analogue or connected to any antennae, so why is it making such noise?” I asked myself forwarding the video. The noise and the T.V. static snow stopped and a dimly lit room with a flickering yellow light was shown.

“I am glad that noise stopped.”  Said a man resembling a doctor of the 70’s or 80’s wearing specs in the video.

My impulse wanted to turn the video off but my conscious self was eager to know what happens next.

The man took a seat in front of the camera blocking the whole background leaving two pots of plants aligning perfectly to the man each on the sides. “You are very much right. I am a doctor. Believe me you would not like to forward the DVD because the lady is about to be possessed. I’m sorry. I guess that was a spoiler.” The man takes a breath and adds further “So what do we have here? A girl of 27.”

I look at the doctor in amazement. It was like he was searching my eyes. “You are very much right sir. I am 27.”I say.

“I knew it. I figured it out in the first deep look on your face but it is not very wise to claim that you are 23.” Replied the doctor.

I lower my shoulders in awe. I take a moment to absorb that in.

“What? Are you not going to reply? I expected praise than silence.” Said the Doctor.

“You are in a DVD! Are you actually replying to me?” I ask.

“Obviously. You don’t believe me? OK. Let me try something. You are watching the movie only because you read that this is a good movie but actually this is not a movie that you think must receive good reviews and ratings.” Said the Doctor.

“Oh shut up. This movie deserves the rating …” I say

“As brilliant as 9.8 out of 10.” Says the Doctor and I together.

“Liar. I’m sorry. No one should get to the point and save some time but liar. I saw it. You were bored so you were sketching characters for your assigned comic book.” Said the Doctor.

“Don’t freak me out!” I say as I press the forward button but due to loose grip the remote slips but I get a hold of it accidentally pressing the pause button when the camera is zoomed and focussed at the wall behind the man on a photo frame. The photo hanged was of a boy in the 30’s with spiked hair holding a guitar. I take a look at the face and a tear drop falls followed by numerous. I cry out” Oh dear brother!”

“Zoom out! Oh dear boy she is crying. Please rub your face by the blanket beside you and please do not cry.” Said The Doctor.

“But my br-brother!” I say weeping.

“Yeah, yeah may he rest in peace and I promise to not say anything weird again.” Said the Doctor.

“How long is this easter egg?” I ask

“How did you know?” asks the Doctor.

“Come on. The movie has a low range of volume by default. It was not taken in care or was used as a dramatic effect but the easter egg’s volume range by default was not changed, which do not match.” I reply.

“Remarkable. There is also the video quality.” Said The Doctor.

“Is this like a session where we can talk with the dead?” I ask.

“No.” replies the Doctor. ”I am here to share your pain. I know it must be hard with your family and your best friend dead in the accident. I feel sorry for you.”

“You did not answer me. How long is this clip added as a bonus?” I ask.

“It is about to end.”  Replies the Doctor.

“So what is the climax?” I ask.

“You see you were supposed to be happy your entire life. This was not supposed to happen to you. Now your purpose is a lost cause and everyone must have one.” Says the Doctor. “Those sandwiches are tasty.”

“How do you know? You can taste too?” I ask.

“I say….” Said the man when suddenly the screen flickered, he disappeared and then I hear him say from behind my back” Let us see.”


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